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Re: Fedora's mid-life crisis

Gian Paolo Mureddu wrote:

The times I've filed RFEs for stuff like making pirut to be more informative of a variety of things that CLI YUM does (for example, total size of download, individual package size, etc) are not mere "cosmetic" changes, they have a direct impact in every day's use (for example in pup it would help quite a bit to prioritize updates and estimate download times). Another thing that NEEDS to get implemented in Pirut/pup is a speed meter and a "mirror change" mechanism (just like ctrl+c for CLI YUM) to: a) be able to estimate the time of updates/downloads and b) be able to switch to faster mirrors when a package is getting too slow download speeds. Another proposed feature I remember filing was a mechanism to "manage" multiple repositories right within Pirut. At most I got an "It is planned" answer, but no status on how or when will it be implemented. All in all, the tools are fine, but they need much more polish still.

Use bugzilla. A rant here doesn't change anything. The Apt page already explains the choice of Yum in detail. Repository management has been discussed in fedora-devel if you want to know the details.


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