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RE: Fedora's mid-life crisis

Greg Dekoenigsberg <gdk redhat com> wrote:
> The primary target market is people who love free software, and who
> want to work *actively* to make free software better.  All other
> markets are secondary.  Important, but secondary.

I don't think people realize how important it is to have a truly
free, indemnification issue free, 100% redistributable distribution
that can be proliferated and redistributed by others.  I have hardly
shared any my contributions, been largely a "leech" when I deploy and
utilize Fedora and add my own RPMs, etc...

For this, I continue to salute Fedora, like I did Red Hat Linux
prior.  It's a Godsend in a very, very under-appreciated aspect of
Linux distributions.  I'll defend select, other distros for the same
reasons as well -- but I professionally find Fedora's release model
and alignment the most advantageous.

Hopefully I'll have a position in the future that will let me
directly contribute to Fedora as a small part of my paid job function
(like I was on Debian long ago).  Until then, I've always hesitated
to be a formal maintainer (which would be on my own time) because I
can't guarantee any upkeep.  I know, poor excuse, especially with all
the benefits I have directly reaped from Fedora (and money I've made
as a consultant).

> Coming up with a suitable replacement for Pirut, for example.

Referring back to the aforementioned sign at the animal shelter I
mentioned.  ;)

Bryan J. Smith   Professional, Technical Annoyance
b j smith ieee org    http://thebs413.blogspot.com
     Fission Power:  An Inconvenient Solution

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