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Re: Contributors

On Wed, 2007-08-08 at 02:57 -0500, Gian Paolo Mureddu wrote:
> As a matter of fact, I have not. I take your word for it. And yes, the 
> GPL might be seen as a "draconian" license for that very matter. I'm 
> just saying what I've seen, read and heard from people that do not wish 
> to become contributors. The two main "issues" seem to be:
> * Excessive bureaucracy (I somewhat agree).
> * CLA.

And I've been around Debian as a maintainer long enough to hear similar
complaints of its system.  And part of Debian's system is a "Democracy"
as far as maintainers go, and I've seen the case where a good maintainer
was cut because someone else convinced everyone else he had to (when it
was a clear personally issue, not a project, but someone used the
project to further their personal issue).

The Debian Free Software and Packaging Guidelines also get complaints.
Everywhere you go, people will find things to disagree on.  In all
honesty, if people are complaining about those two (2) on Fedora,
inviting them in might be futile, as they may just end up complaining
and leaving anyway.  Seen that before too.  ;)

Bryan J. Smith         Professional, Technical Annoyance
mailto:b j smith ieee org   http://thebs413.blogspot.com
        Fission Power:  An Inconvenient Solution

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