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Re: yum remembering repo of origin

On Mon, Aug 13, 2007 at 09:15:59PM +0200, Jonas Karlsson wrote:
> I was thinking about if there is a feature in Yum (or rpm) that lets you 
> see from where a package originated. When a package is installed it only 
> shows as repository installed, correct? Is there a possibility that this 

Correct, information on the originating repository is not retained.

> feature could be added to the database handling in yum? It would be a 
> usefull thing when deciding to uninstall all from a certain repo for 
> what ever reson...

I agree that this would be a useful feature.  You should probably take this
suggestion to the yum mailing list and/or bugzilla:


- Paul

Paul Stauffer <paulds bu edu>
Manager of Research Computing
Computer Science Department
Boston University

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