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Hello, My name is Mike Feravolo . . .

I'm a software engineer with over twenty five years of experience building software applications, for numerous operating systems. These include all versions of Microsoft Windows, UNIX, GNU/Linux and others [RT-11, TOPS, VMS] that are no longer in wide use today.

I own a Computer Services business in Central Florida and attend numerous Business Networking and Chamber of Commerce Events. We are members of the Cocoa Beach Area Chamber of Commerce and the East Orlando Chamber of Commerce.

Prior to owning his own business Mike worked in industry on projects both large and small in scope, involving all phases of the software life cycle.

We are strong protagonists of Free Software we will always recommend that our customers use GNU/Linux and other free software applications instead of proprietary software.

We believe that Fedora is one of the best Linux Distributions and would like to help promote it to people in our local area. 

Thank You

Mike Feravolo

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