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Re: Fedora-marketing-list Digest, Vol 38, Issue 18

I've been reserving judgement on your posts in the past.
With all due respect, I think your posts are without critical depth.

One second you over-praise and over-sell Fedora (and Linux).
Another second you have issues with Fedora (and Linux).
Both cases make me cringe because I differ greatly with both.
Especially on what Fedora (and Linux) does and does not do,
and what another distro or non-Linux does and does not do.

Many of your pro-Fedora statements are just blantant over-sells.
I have to fight those on Linux in general way too much.
But going the other way, your complements of non-Fedora
or non-Linux and things I completely and technically disagree with.

E.g., NT 6.0 Longhorn's Avalon was poorly implemented in WGF 1.1.
The resulting Aero interface is complely inferior to Xgl and AIGLX.
I could go very, very deep on these things and more.

So I ask you, please, please don't approach Fedora with
such a ."manic-depressive" duality, as it only reflects poorly.
I've seen it all-too-often, one day happy, next day onto another distro.

Just some advice, take it or leave it as you wish,
hate me for pointing it out, believe I'm mistaken, etc...

Bryan J Smith - mailto:b j smith ieee org  
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From: "Markus McLaughlin" <hudsonman35 gmail com>

Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2007 21:47:19 
To:fedora-marketing-list redhat com
Subject: Re: Fedora-marketing-list Digest, Vol 38, Issue 18

I have CentOS 5 Live CD, it's great to have when Fedora crashes, which it does once in a while.  I hope the Global Desktop will be RHEL 5 lite so the rest of us can move up to it
eventually.  I am very curious about Fedora 8, I hope there will be some more "eye candy," 
and more features thanks to KDE 4 and GNOME 2.20.  Esp. since catching up to Vista means
optional Sidebars and Mac-Like Docks.  The one wish I like to see granted in F 8 and beyond is a Expanded Start Menu similar to XP/Vista, this would be useful for inexperienced users who don't know much about the Command Line.  I will be on vacation next week, so I will be posting on my blog from Sweden for 2 weeks, Farewell Fedora Fans for now!!! 

Mark McLaughlin - linuxglobe.wordpress.com <http://linuxglobe.wordpress.com> 
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