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Re: Interesting articles

Marc Wiriadisastra escribió:
Hey All,

Well apcmag in Australia in the September edition has got Fedora 7 on the
front cover.  I was hoping to find a link to it from the main website but I
couldn't sadly.

On a side note however I found this which I didn't know about.


Con Kolivas leaving.  This personally saddens me and from my point of view I
would like to say a huge thanks to him.

Hopefully people won't get to annoyed by the second part of this post.



I couldn't agree more about the sad fact that Con's departure is. Personally I used his patchset for many, many kernel builds. His work will be missed... and I'm not entirely sure what derived to his departure (I know bits of the story, but not the whole deal, even though I'm subscribed to the mailing list... probably will have to go through the archives). At any rate, we can only wait and see what happens next.

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