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Intro & observations

Hi, my name is Alejo Cerrato, and I'm Marketing Director of a medium
size company in SoFla.

I'm very interested in improve my skills on Linux and colaborate with
the Fedora Project.

So far I've found that if you are not very skilled in Linux it is hard
to follow all the steps as they are indicated to succesfully become a
contributor. And I guess that there may be people willing to
colaborate, but without the minimum Linux skills to do so.

For some reason (and I'm not trying to get any help here in this list)
I can't validate my CLA. I wonder how many people got discouraged in
becoming  a contributor because of the complexity of the process, and
the intrinsec bureaucracy.

I understand at the same time that it has to be done in a secure environment.

I'm going to keep on trying and get my CLA validated asap.

But at the same time I'll like to help make this process easier for
the contributors-to-be,  people that may lack Linux knowledge but have
other skills that could help.


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