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Re: Re: Intro & observations - Fedora-marketing-list Digest, Vol 38, Issue 23

Thanks for the warm welcome!

After reading your replies and comments I'd like to add:

I was referring mostly to the fact that while trying to become a contributor you are learning what the next step by doing so, there's just not much documentation for the linux-impaired.

It'll be great to have a wiki describing the whole process, and with some useful (and educational) information related like 'where are your keys saved in the disk', 'how to generate the files for your keys' etc.

I don't think this piece of documentation to be hard to create, and it'll help some people to get past this obstacle.

Regarding GUIs and CLIs,  I see the concerns and different approaches, and the good thing about Fedora is that it offers the user more than one right way to do the same thing. 
It's just a matter of providing different tools and documentation for people with different skills. Is the possibility of a variety of ways, not the exclusion, what makes the project attractive. 

I appreciate all comments and look forward to read more.

I'll also appreciate If somebody can point a direction (and give some guidance) to start creating this document.

Alejo Cerrato.//

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