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Re: Discontent with LiveContent

Gian Paolo Mureddu wrote:

Why not make a LiveDVD, then? DVD's would be much more suited for "media" and "content" oriented LiveDisk projects. Granted not everyone has access to highspeed internet connections to download and burn these images, but a distribution channel I'm sure could be set up. Even in a DVD there's room for all of OOo with all and its lang-packs (so every language the distro supports also has a corresponding OOo language and resource... Not to mention it opens up the possibility to include so much more content (video, audio, writings, pictures, etc)

I don't know why CC used the CD format, I believe they wanted to reach the largest possible audience (more people can read CD than DVD). I suspect the connection speed was not the main concern and the main distribution channel for that disc is physical media.

Doesn't it include GNASH? The latest release supports rather well video playback from on-line sources such as YouTube and GoogleVideo, it'd only make sense to make sure it also played nice with the video player on the sites the Disk links to... Or at least let the Gnash developers know of these so they could broaden their test cases.

Gnash using ffmpeg? You know ffmpeg is not allowed in Fedora...

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