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Re: [Ambassadors] Self-Introduction: Konrad Moson

Welcome Konrad! 
Nice to hear from the Europe "near when the sun rise" :) 
Its good to experiment with all distro, I do this all the time.
Hope that Fedora will help you to improve your music creation and

Best regards from Buenos Aires 

Pablo Barrera

El lun, 03-12-2007 a las 00:00 +0100, Konrad Mosoń escribió:
> Hi! I'm new Fedora Ambassador in Poland.
> I'm 15 years old, and I'm interesting Linux and classical music. I
> using Linux for 2 years and Fedora for 1 year. I hope that Fedora
> lives forever, i like it, and i get to promoting Fedora and Open
> Source.
> I used most of Linux distributions, but i think that Fedora is fast
> and best :) Fedora have good graphical and text-mode applications
> (like pirut, yum). I think that It's good for begginers and for geeks
> :)
> Regards to,
> Konrad Moson
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