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[Fwd: [Devrooms-stands-news] [FOSDEM] We're almost there]

Hello there,
some updates to consider :)

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From: Pascal Bleser <loki @ fosdem.org>
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 12:46:37 +0100
Subject: [Devrooms-stands-news] [FOSDEM] We're almost there
Hi to everyone

Only a few days left and we'll finally have FOSDEM 2007 \o/

A last batch of information regarding the Developer Rooms and stands.

1) Developer Rooms
DevRooms only open at 14:00 on Saturday, not a second before.
The point is, we only rent those rooms from 14:00 on and until then,
they will all be filled with students taking courses and possibly even
This means that under no circumstances you should try to get into your
devroom before 14:00. I will go around all the devrooms to check
whether the students have effectively left the room at 14:00, but that
might take a few minutes so you might want to get into your room and
politely tell the prof that we are actually paying for those from
14:00 on ;)
If they're still there when I pass by or after a few minutes, I'll
tell them somewhat less politely to leave.
But again: please do _not_ go into the rooms before 14:00
Thanks for your understanding.
(obviously, if the prof and the students are leaving the room at 13:30
or 13:45, you may enter and take possession ;))

Because we were only able to get the rooms from 14:00 on this year,
we've extended the devroom availability to 19:00 on Saturday.
Please make sure that everyone has left your room at 19:00, as we
(=staff) won't have a lot of time to close down everything.
I'll go around all rooms at 19:00 to confirm closing the doors
(they're remotely managed by the ULB security staff).

On Sunday, we have the rooms all day so it won't be such a hassle.
Availability is from 09:00 until 18:00 (here, also, please make sure
you leave the room at 18:00).

We provide a video projector and wireless network in every DevRoom.
Most rooms actually have a built-in video projector -- for the few
that don't, we will come to install it at 14:00 (or rather, let's say
between 14:00 and 14:15).
Each room will get a wireless access point that supports A and B (no
G). Our network staff will do its best to deploy those APs as quickly
as possible in all rooms, but as we have 16 developer rooms to manage,
the wireless Internet connection might only be available at 15:00 in
your room (because we can't enter the rooms before 14:00 either).

If there are any issues, or questions, or whatever, go to the InfoDesk
and let us know about it. They'll most probably ping me as I'll be
busy running around everywhere all day ;)
Note that this year we will have an InfoDesk in both buildings (H and
AW), the main InfoDesk still being in H (for donations, ...) but there
will be staff presence in the AW building as well.

2) Stands
All stands are in the H building. We will have built up the tables
already, with A4 paper sheets sticked on them to let you know which
ones are yours.
You can just get into the building, look for your stand and start
building up. Again, if you need information, poke us at the InfoDesk.
I would recommend not coming too early in the morning to build up your
stand, as there are still lectures being taken in the rooms in the H
building until 14:00, which means it will be quite crowded (but then
again, it's even more crowded when the DevRooms kick off ;)).
If possible, come after 10:00 to build up your stand, that'll give us
somewhat more time to prepare the network etc...

We will provide both wired and wireless Internet access to the stands,
down the H hall. The access points are quite powerful, so we hope that
this time it will work smoothly ;)

If you prefer wired/RJ-45 network connectivity, make sure to bring
along a switch/hub as well as RJ-45 cables yourself: our network team
will pull several cables to the stands, but not the endpoint
connectivity (= you'll get RJ-45 plugs but no switches).

Also, may I remind you again to also bring along power plugs and
chords as we won't be able to provide you with those.

Valuable material and devices can be stored into the room "Ferrer"
(the one near the InfoDesk in the H building) on Saturday evening.
That room will be locked up during the night, and if you sent me the
relevant information about the devices, they will also be covered
against theft by our insurance. Note that the security staff of the
ULB is present on the campus 24/24.

Let's please start closing the stands at 18:00 on Saturday, that'll
make it easier for everyone.

3) How to get there

If you get there by car, a navigation system is recommended
(signalization in Brussels is a nightmare) ;).

If you get there by taxi, make sure to mention the "ULB" university
and not just "university" -- point is, there are two universities in
Brussels, the french-speaking one (ULB) and the dutch-speaking one
(VUB). Also mention the "Solbosh campus" or, even better, the street
("Avenue Franklin Roosevelt"), as the ULB has several locations all
over Brussels.

Best practice is to print out the address mentioned on our website
(see URL above) and hand it over to the cab driver.

4) Contact
I'm available my email (loki fosdem org) until tomorrow (Thursday)
(included) but will be almost impossible to reach by electronic means
on Friday.

If there are urgent issues, feel free to contact
- me: +32 486 071035
- the InfoDesk: +32 2 788 74 74
(but only for urgent issues ;))

If you still have questions, please let me know.

Wishing all of you a nice trip to Brussels as well as a great time at
FOSDEM 2007 (and hopefully we'll have a beer at
http://fosdem.org/2007/beerevent ;))

-o) Pascal Bleser <loki fosdem org>    http://www.fosdem.org
/\\      FOSDEM 2007 :: 24+25 February 2007 in Brussels
_\_v Free and Opensource Software Developers European Meeting


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