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rotating banners, first idea

We discussed the idea of doing rotating banners on the front of
fedoraproject.org, once we get over ourselves for the successful F7. ;)

The idea is, once every $TIME_PERIOD, we rotate the front page banner.
Ideas are proposed and vetted on this list (f-marketing-l), then kicked
over to the Art team for production.  They drop them into a queue that
Infrastructure sets up, all around the self-service idea.

Before I go all Wiki on this idea and make a canonical page for it, is
it a good idea?  Should we do it?  Why not?

And my first proposed idea, from a Linux Watch quote of Max:

'Spevack concluded, "We'll advertise the most popular spins on Fedora on
the Fedora site. So, if someone created a very small distribution it
might be advertised as Damn Small Fedora Linux." This is a play on the
popular DSL (Damn Small Linux) distribution.'

The first rotated banner promotes either i) that effort (points to a
special 'popular spins' page), or ii) directly promotes one or more
popular spins.

- Karsten
   Karsten Wade, 108 Editor       ^     Fedora Documentation Project 
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