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Re: rotating banners, first idea

Karsten Wade wrote:
And my first proposed idea, from a Linux Watch quote of Max:

'Spevack concluded, "We'll advertise the most popular spins on Fedora on
the Fedora site. So, if someone created a very small distribution it
might be advertised as Damn Small Fedora Linux." This is a play on the
popular DSL (Damn Small Linux) distribution.'

The first rotated banner promotes either i) that effort (points to a
special 'popular spins' page), or ii) directly promotes one or more
popular spins.

Here's one concept for that promo:


I got some suggestions for improvement like making the logo more like a banana label and putting the logo on one of those back blankets rather than directly on the pony... we can easily switch these out for better/funnier/more allegorical/etc objects.

some bylines I thought of for this:

- "what kind of fedora will *you* make?"
- "what's your fedora?"
- "make it yours" / "go ahead, make it yours"
- "build the fedora of your dreams" (with some kind of house + blueprints artwork maybe) - "a perfect fit" / "tailored for you" / "os doesn't quite fit?" (weird idea: have three people wearing suse/ubuntu/debian suits/dresses that are rumply and baggy and not quite right, and then have a tailor with a 'revisor' nametag or something tailoring the fourth person's fedora outfit which fits much more nicely than the others) - "remix. share. get mad props." (dj with fedora logo, crowd around him cheering him on)
- "it's all about you"


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