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Re: Fedora 7 "Moonshine": Freedom vs. Ease-of-Use (Part 1)

On 6/2/07, Marc Wiriadisastra <marc mwiriadi id au> wrote:
The article comes from here.


"Fedora 7, a.k.a. "Moonshine," released on May 31, is an odd duck. On
the one hand, it's hugely popular. If you need to be convinced of that,
take a look at the number of people viewing the officially-sanctioned
FedoraForum.org at any given time - as I write this, it's almost 7,000
people. Visit your local Barnes & Noble Booksellers (that's a big
bookstore chain in the U.S.) and you'll see quite a few books about
Fedora on the shelves. (This, by itself, is a big plus for Linux newbies
— Fedora may be the best-documented distro available)."

I'm not so sure if the following statement was necessary in conclusion
of this Fedora review. It just seems the author is recommending other
OS over Fedora. :(

"However, since the distro I blew off my spare partition in order to
install Fedora 7 was PCLinuxOS 2007, it's impossible not to compare
the two. PCLinuxOS definitely comes out the winner. Configuring
hardware on Fedora is more challenging than configuring hardware on
PCLinuxOS, which does most of it for you. PCLinuxOS doesn't require
the manual addition of third-party repositories in order to get
proprietary software; most of it is installed out of the box. In
short, PCLinuxOS is simply less time-consuming and less frustrating to
install and configure than Fedora."

Thomas Chung

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