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Fedora Struggles to Come into Its Own


This article is based on a interview with Max Spevack. One interesting trend is that this article and to a mixed extend the earlier distrowatch review posted talks about improvements while also painting a picture of struggle in growth.


"Red Hat, Spevack suggests, has shifted from being "Fedora's sponsor" to being "Fedora's biggest customer," and Fedora from being a farm-team to a community in its own right."

" One of these benefits is Revisor, an initiative of the new Fedora Unity sub-project developed independently of the official processes. Taking advantage of the new openness, Revisor is a wizard that guides users step-by-step through the building of "re-spins" or customized variations of Fedora."

"For the larger free software community, another benefit of Fedora's new openness is Smolt, an opt-in hardware profiler that allows the project to collect data about the equipment on which Fedora installs. Even before the release of Fedora 7, Smolt has been ported to the openSUSE distribution. Spevack anticipates the creation of a neutral website where information gathered by Smolt is available for all distributions that carry it."


Ps: I couldn't find any information on smolt integration with OpenSUSE. Does anyone have details?

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