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A new overview of Fedora: Highlights?


The overview wiki page at http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Overview is rather lame now and needs to be rewritten from scratch considering the current highlights and unique improvements in Fedora.

It is linked prominently from the frontpage of fp.o so this is a pretty high priority. I would like to change this into a static page but we need the content written first.

So what do we highlight in Fedora?

* Strongly Free software focus. Free, open software and content (integration with Jamendo, Magnatune ..). 100% redistributable.

* Predictable bi-yearly new releases with every release maintained for next two releases + month translates to over an year and month of updates.

* Sponsored by Red Hat (Engineering, funds, marketing etc) with high amount of contributions (http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/RedHatContributions) leading to innovative changes. Development and integration of SELinux, Xen, mugshot etc. Working in partnership with the Free and open source software
community with large number of volunteers.

* Choice of installable live and regular images.

* Graphical and text based installer (Anaconda) and administration tools (system-config-*)

* Strong security features - http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Security/Features

* Unique virtualization management capabilities - http://berrange.com/personal/diary/2007/06/innovation-in-virtualization-management

* Base for important derivatives and ports like RHEL, OLPC, Sony PlayStation 3 powered by IBM Cell processors etc.

[Secondary architecture support for Sparc, Alpha, IA64, Arm etc to follow]

* Easy to build upon, derive from and create custom spins and appliances - Open build system (koji), composing tools (pungi and mash), livecd-tools and graphical wrapper (Revisor). livecd-tools and pungi uses kickstart and kickstart style manifest files and hence barrier to understanding and adaptation is low.

Anything else?


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