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Re: Fedora Online Magazine

On 6/15/07, Anand Capur <anandcomputerphreak gmail com> wrote:
What do you guys think of putting a team together and making a Fedora Online
Magazine? I would head it (Be the editor-in-chief), and we would publish it
every 2 months (with some other special releases). I really think this would
be good for us. We would have no costs besides hosting for the magazine
which I think the web team could take care of (I'll ask them also). We could
have a set few staff (5-10), and then have open submission where all

A magazine requires of much effort, multiple actors like publishers,
content's generator, artists and most important, voluntarys, without
doubt it's a great initiative, nevertheless, I think that FWN in
quality, format, and frequency's publication and its a great work,
now, have not been exposed as to be it's publish, to that we want to
arrive, without a doubt some FWN is not the suitable format to
approach new users, but we can feed the magazine with FWN content. In
Venezuela, for example we begin a effort related to the subject, we
already have several months publishing a magazine in Spanish with
contributions of the ambassadors for Venezuela, it magazine is called
"Fedora Planet(in english)", which is characterized by be informative,
technical and of easy print, at this moment we go in I number 16 of
the magazine.[1]

I think that we must reflect on this question and consider as it goes
to be the approach that is desired to orient the magazine.


[1] Fedora Magazine Files (PDF) in Spanish:

Wilmer Jaramillo M.
GPG Key Fingerprint = 0666 D0D3 24CE 8935 9C24 BBF1 87DD BEA2 A4B2 1E8A

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