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Re: 3rd party repositories vs the floppy disk

On Tuesday 19 June 2007 09:42:44 Jonas Karlsson wrote:
> How about a large database where packagers can add their packages that
> they have in their repo with no dobblets allowed, everything working
> together? And most importantly the links to add the repos in yum.

Having distributed repos is a bad idea.  Buildroot inconsistancies or out of 
dateness, different source controls, no way for the community at large to 
assist in other 3rd party repos, no central control over when content goes 
out, no control over what content goes /into/ those repos (can't reference 
repos at all that carry illegal (to the US) content), etc...

If the content really were compatible, they should just package it in Fedora 
and play in the big sandbox.

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