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Re: "Microsoft wants royalties for open-source software"

2007/5/14, Francesco Ugolini <fugolini fedoraproject org>:

This is only an article from the hundreds that i found trough the internet.

Who is scared?

I think it could really help Open Source communities grow.

Stop to fight against each other, just follow our goals and our ideals.

Seneca, a Latin writer, said: "The best ideas are common property"

I trust completely in those words, and for this reason i will continue
to trust in Open Source and to help this trough Fedora Project (who has
in its DNA those words).


Francesco Ugolini

Fedora-marketing-list mailing list
Fedora-marketing-list redhat com

Actually, I think someone in the US should sue Microsoft for damages on grounds of slander or libel or whatever it's called in the US legal system.

You see, they have been saying this repeatedly over time, without specifying it or without any lawsuits.
One could claim in court that this way, MS (being such a.. prominent player) is giving F/OSS users/makers a bad name in software land, scaring customers that don't know any better away from using F/OSS, thus damaging reputations and affecting revenues.
All it takes is a clever attorney to make it happen - force MS to put their cards on the table, or just shut their hypocritical mouth. :)

As a European, I'm not *yet* likely to be affected by any of this, but you never know how this patent this will develop...

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