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Re: Metrics for F7

On Fri, 2007-05-18 at 10:24 -0500, chasd wrote:
> I hope this is on-topic for this list, apologies if not.

It is a good question (I think), and it is most likely on-topic for
fedora-infrastructure-list.  The Infrastructure folks are providing all
the components involved.

- Karsten

> After reading the latest ( now much improved ) Fedora Weekly News, I  
> followed a link to Mr. Spevack's blog. I took the time to review some  
> older posts, one where he spoke of the 2 million mark of FC6 users.  
> Although I was aware of that information, it sparked a thought.
> My question :
> Once F7 comes out, will those unique IP address for FC6 be compared  
> to the F7 data, so when counted F7 users reach 2 million ( or  
> more ! ), the people that were FC6 users will be separated out as  
> upgrade users, not "new to Fedora" users.
> Likely this has been discussed somewhere before, but I haven't seen  
> it, or it is important to me and no one else.
> Charles Dostale
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