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Re: Fedora 7 at Respins.org

Mohd Izhar Firdaus Ismail wrote:

this is cool ...

how about adding respin livecd kickstart file submission ?? a
repository of kickstarts for respins is also nice .. advanced user can
download the kickstart and build it themselves ..

We won't have downloads from the respins.org server (at least not at the start). I can't afford to allocate that much bandwidth and storage space right off the bat.

However, any community member can create a blog on the site with info on kickstart files they may have... and the download locations. Heck, if you have something general, that doesn't need a whole write up, just send me the link and I'll add it.

But users will get the most out of a link to the Fedora wiki if someone makes a few points about why it's helpful, or something else that can be learned from wiki knowledge. As in, Hey you'll need to do all 5 steps, here's the order and the detailed instructions are at link1, link2, link3, etc.

This is what the site is meant to do. Users who create and then talk about their creations all while creating buzz for Fedora and spreading it farther and wider than we have in the past.

Wouldn't it be cool if one of the Free Media discs spawned a bunch of Respins that would then create more sponsorships?

We will grab anything we can download and add it to the On-Disk.com catalog with the Free Media Sponsorship attached. And given what we already know about percentages, some of the respins will be ordered from On-Disk.com. (others will be directly downloaded)

Fedora is cool and all, but once you've already got it, you don't really need another disc. With F7 a whole new world opens up with all sorts of fun things you may want to try... The Live CD/DVD function makes it almost like looking over the shoulder of users around the world to see what their ideal Fedora looks like and then being given permission to use their machine to explore.

ps, sorry about my connection at the meeting last night. I'm not quite sure why I kept getting the boot.

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