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Book review: Fedora 7 Unleashed


The reviewer is somewhat critical with the standpoint that books should cover more of the new features in a release. I am not sure whether it fits into the demographics of this book but I certainly do feel that there is a market for a book that only covers new features in every new release of Fedora. The authors involved would have to work hard since many of features pop up sometimes fairly close to the release but since we have a much more organized development plan laid out which is only going to get better we might indeed be making this easier and for authors interested in such a book, I am others would be willing to answer any questions (hint, hint ;-))


"The Linux community has a consistent influx of new users and curious onlookers who have the desire to know more. A consumer-oriented, one-stop shop might get them there faster than the community would, with its plethora of websites and arcane knowledge passed down though stories on cryptic mailing lists. So to keep current, these books keep coming. And if you’re new, it could be your first step into a bigger world."


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