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Re: graphics

Marc Wiriadisastra wrote:
On Sat, 2007-11-03 at 05:00 +0530, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Marc Wiriadisastra wrote:

Only thing though is that I love how the desktop background changes
colours in F8 so I'm not to sure if we would lose that if we switched
You will unless you create a animated version of it. Details of that 
were posted to fedora-art list earlier by Mo.



A crazy thought to differentiate Fedora more from the others could be
(sorry art-list) a release of new backgrounds to represent different
times of the year with an opt out clause. What I mean is the following.

Halloween Graphics
Christmas graphics
Ramadan(sp?) graphics
The Jewish one (sorry I don't know what it is called)

They get installed by default at different times of the year so you have
evolving desktops overtime.



That would be awesome.
They could be installed as updates via yum, or could be consolidated at a specific webpage, such as gnome-looks or kde-looks, and have user-submitted wallpaper sets there too.

Just my thoughts,
Ing. Juan M. Rodriguez Moreno
Freelance Software Developer & Designer
Fedora Mexico Ambassador
Website: http://www.proyectofedora.org/mx
GPG Key = 0x11CD3B36 

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