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Re: give fedorapeople.org and other parts of fedora some press

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
John Poelstra wrote:

And... I realize some in particular are likely to suggest that I do it all myself because "that is how all this works, etc., etc., etc." :) I am not able to do it at this time. So if what I am suggesting is is not possible I understand.

A list of things you had in mind specifically if anything would be helpful. I will try and write some things covering the other supportive systems of Fedora. Otherwise I can include those in a review in Red Hat magazine with more details soon.

Thanks. I mentioned them above.

If we planned some of this in advance we could create a serious drum beat with the press and news outlets for F9--Red Hat Communication said they would help, but need lead time. This makes me think it would be a good thing to put on a schedule to remind ourselves to do in advance ;-) I am able to help with that.

That would be useful. Meanwhile I did some work on the feature list to give you a headstart.


Thanks! We have to be careful with this page though... a "proposed" feature is one that the feature owner has brought forward as seeking approval. Already a few are creeping on that are just ideas at this point. CategoryProposedFedora9 is being used a little too liberally, but that is okay for now. Also there are features listed there that don't have a feature page behind them.

I think it is better to just make a simple table of features we are thinking about for F9 and remove the % completion and status columns... we are trying to use this page for too many purposes and we don't track status on unapproved features.

Once F9 kicks off I'd like to trim the page back to only list the approved features before it gets too long. I do agree that it is a really good to have those features there so people can start to see what we are thinking about for F9.


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