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osnews comments

There's some good comments in here.


I liked this one...


what people have probably missed in the last few releases is the huge amount of work on the 'infrastructure' behind fedora in order to get it to where it is today,

it's clear now that that work is now showing the fruits of fruition and everything is coming together

* custom spins
* fedora 8 on a usb key
* pulseaudio
* codecbuddy
* yum improvements (yes it's fast)
* packagemanagement improvements (change repos and more)
* gui for firewall
* online desktop
* the whole fedoraproject.org website and associated projects

i think F9 (yes I'm talking about that already) will be awesome, as it'll most likely have compiz enabled by default plus a whole lot more, and no doubt it'll have ironed out any bugs still present or yet to be found in F8

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