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fedora-8-review: Lunapark 6

"The most disappointing aspect about the release would be its finicky
installer. Sure if you have certain hardware, you may never go through
the troubles I encountered, but my setup is hardly what you would call
esoteric. Yet, I did have to jump through hurdles just to get the system
up and running. Both of my test computers, Big Bertha (AMD 64 +3000,
Nvidia 6600, 2 GB RAM, 19” Samsung 192n monitor and Soundblaster Audigy)
and Mount Doona (AMD X2 +4400, 2 GB RAM, 24” Samsung 244T), were unable
to install via the normal installation mode and had to use the text
installation mode. Furthermore, once the main text installation was
completed, the final stage (where normal users are added) were not
available for me."





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