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Distrowatch reviews Fedora 8


A fair review of Fedora 8.

A few notes to Simon (CC'ed).

Thanks for the review. Sendmail is activated by default since we need a MTA to send critical logs to the administrator but it connects only to the local host and the security risk of that is pretty much non-existent. You might want to note that critical factor in the review. Also the Java plugin problem of having to run mozilla-config manually is fixed in an update. NetworkManager is indeed started by default in the desktop live cd's as opposed to the regular DVD. We hope to have it be the default system-wide by the next release. The problem with old icons might also go away if we switch to the new Echo icon them in Fedora 9. The problem with yum updates checker is already in bugzilla and I agree it is a bit of a pain especially when you don't realize what's happening. For the IP3945 problem, try out the workaround mentioned in http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Bugs/F8Common.



"Overall, I truly believe that Fedora 8 is by far the best Fedora release to date (and I've tried every one of them). From the look and feel of the system, to the out-of-the-box configuration during installation, I couldn't be happier with a cutting edge release.

As I mentioned before, the biggest aspects of a successful distribution for me are suspend/hibernate, correct screen resolution and the the ability to change the screen resolution in a GUI if it didn't configure it correctly the first time, system stability, and overall look and feel of a distribution. For me, Fedora 8 has excelled in all categories when I evaluate and review a system and I hope that Fedora continues to release versions that are put together as good as Fedora 8 has been."


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