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Fedora Store special interest group

I have created a new SIG (Special Interest Group) to try to solve, this time in a more formal way, our swag problems. A basic page is up on the wiki that talks about some initial workflow questions, etc.


If you are willing to commit some time to helping with this problem, feel free to sign yourself up. I have taken the liberty of adding Mairin Duffy and Jack Aboutboul to the SIG -- the former because she asked me to devote some time to this problem and the latter because I have decided that I want him involved. ;)

I am purposefully using fedora-marketing-list for the email instead of starting Yet Another Email List.

We will have a kick-off meeting on Wednesday in the #fedora-marketing channel on IRC, at 18:00 GMT. For your own time zone, see http://tinyurl.com/2g37uv

Thank you,

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