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What would a Fedora Store sell?

Some ideas, let's brainstorm like mad and see what we come up with, no idea is too crazy:

- professionally-printed blank DVDs/CDs you can use to burn Fedora to. Comes with a nice blank space for you to write in the version number / arch /etc.

- professionally-printed DVD/CD labels again with the blank write-in space.

- women's-sized and styled tshirts :)

- at least 5 or 6 different tshirts that are stylish, not just a logo and a slogan but something your non-geek friends would actually think looked cool even if they didn't understand what Fedora was. They would pave the way for folks to ask what it is and for you to spread the good word :)

- case stickers

- sticker sized for laptop

- laptop skins

- posters... stylish cool designs... stuff that folks can hang up in their cubes or at their school

- this one's a bit out there and would take some work but - what if as a Fedora 10 '10 version anniversary' thing we put together a nice book that ran through each release of Fedora with some information about the major features and nice screenshots and artwork for each? E.g. if you bought the special edition of the Final Fantasy 12 game :) It comes with a retrospective of all the games before 12 with a little summary of the plot and screenshots... I'm thinking something like that but in book form.

- along similar lines, maybe a DVD of the videos that have been recorded of talks at various FUDcons

- tie clasp, cufflinks, pin - something that can be worn more formally

- tie!!

- winter scarf and matching hat with a bright blue pompom!!


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