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Re: What would a Fedora Store sell?

Máirín Duffy wrote:
> Some ideas, let's brainstorm like mad and see what we come up with, no
> idea is too crazy:
> - professionally-printed blank DVDs/CDs you can use to burn Fedora to.
> Comes with a nice blank space for you to write in the version number /
> arch /etc.
> - professionally-printed DVD/CD labels again with the blank write-in space.

Prepressed Live CDs are very important.  Mass production could yield us a lower cost so we can give
them out.  Whenever I run an installfest, I clear easy 20-30 LiveCDs.  Having the ability to obtain
a few hundreds pressed CDs would help us get people more interested.
> - at least 5 or 6 different tshirts that are stylish, not just a logo
> and a slogan but something your non-geek friends would actually think
> looked cool even if they didn't understand what Fedora was. They would
> pave the way for folks to ask what it is and for you to spread the good
> word :)

Polos would be good.


Clint Savage

Utah Open Source | Utah Open Source Conference
http://utos.org | http://utosc.org

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