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Re: What would a Fedora Store sell?

Am Dienstag, 13. November 2007 10:33:34 schrieb David Nielsen:
> man, 12 11 2007 kl. 17:10 -0700, skrev Clint Savage:
> > Polos would be good.
> But please none of the cafeexpress shit, I'd like at least one option to
> get a polo or t-shirt that matched the quality of the OS it promotes.
> Cafeexpress' print are horrible, they degrade fast, I saw Ubuntu sold a
> nice polo with an embroided logo, that was both high quality and stylish
> - could we get something like that?

I agree, thats why the most European Ambassadors wear high quality Fedora 
Polos with stitched Logos on events - maybe we can reuse the idea and colors 
and maybe Stitchcards  in a more generic Polo.
Some examples for polos that we have produced for FOSDEM and Linuxtag 2007.


Jörg Simon
jsimon fedoraproject org
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