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Re: [Phoronix] WereWolf Vs the Gutsy Gibbon: 1- 1

Here is the digg


On Nov 13, 2007 4:24 AM, H. Guémar <karlthered2 gmail com> wrote:

Phoronix has done some benchmarks on performancesbetween Fedora 8 and
Ubuntu 7.10.
"As would be expected, in the gaming benchmarks the two Linux
distributions had performed about the same. In three of the
benchmarks, however, Fedora 8 had the marginal lead over Ubuntu 7.10.
Even though Fedora 8 was on top 60% of the time, the differences were
so small that a Linux gamer would not notice a change while gaming."

I am interested to know if SELinux was activated on the Fedora Box
since it brings some overhead.
I also shared the link in Mugshot.

Phoronix had previously made benchmarks on power management between
both distribution, Marc Wiriadisastra posted about it on this m-l.

H. Guemar, FedoraProject ambassador

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