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Re: What would a Fedora Store sell?

On Wed, 14 Nov 2007, Jeff Spaleta wrote:

3b)  Or a deck of Fedora Community themed cards that I can use with
the University Fighting System, similar to the Penny Arcade(tm) card
game decks which I may or may not own already.
You could release a deck for each Fedora release. F7 users could
'fight' F8 users using the card game system.  If we are really really
clever, we'll have a high level meeting with Ubuntu and get them to
produce a similar 'fighting' card deck. So Fedora users can 'fight'
Ubuntu users once each person both purchased the corresponding deck of

Note: NOT a collectable card game. Though I would imagine that we
could easily turn the package submission/review process we have right
now into a fantastic collectible card game with a depth and complexity
that rivals any current collectible card game system on the market

I have wanted to do this for *years*!

4) Fedora release themed/shaped USB key with Fedora pre-installed. Used as a live install have it pre-configured to sync with an online service like Seth has toyed with in his blog. Or use it as install media for your friends. How frelling cool would it be to have a werewolf shaped usb dongle that you could 'bite' other computers with and turn them into another werewolf. Like I don't know.. all the computers as Sam's Club that I walk past when I go shopping.. la la la.



Greg DeKoenigsberg
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"To whomsoever much hath been given...
...from him much shall be asked"

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