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Machines roll out at Bijra High school

Hi !

Many of you may be aware of Bijra High School Project
[http://www.dgplug.org/intro/bijra] [http://bijra.dgplug.org] of
dgplug [http://www.dgplug.org] .

On 15th November 2007 we had a grand inauguration of the project. The
initial idea was to open the world of computing to poor students .
This has been done using completely free and opensource softwares.

WBUT (West Bengal University of Technology ) and L2C2 Technology lend
us a helping by providing few computers to the school.
An LTSP server running fedora 7 along with few old PIII machines has
been deployed. Not only that as most students lack proper English
knowledge so the whole implementation has been done using bengali
(native language ) BN_IN locale .
The area also lack a proper internet connection so kiwix (offline
wikipedia), wordnet (a dictionary dump) , project gutenburg dvd dump (
collection of english classics) are among the few softwares
implemented to provide a complete education setup . So this help them
not only in learning computers but also in computer aided learning.

Subhodip Biswas

Fedora ambassador
West Bengal, India

GPG key : FAEA34AB
Server : pgp.mit.edu

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