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Re: OLPC sued for patent infringement in Nigeria

On Thu, 29 Nov 2007 16:23:23 -0600
Gian Paolo Mureddu <gmureddu prodigy net mx> wrote:

> There's one thing I don't get about this... The patent holder had
> plenty of time to warn about this, especially with the immense
> coverage and media OLPC has had in the last couple of years, why wait
> until now? I mean, the patent holder works in the computer field, and
> (unless they've been living under a rock in Nigeria) he must have
> known of the OLPC and the XO for LONG time. Why not say anything
> before?

Because before it would have been a lot easier for OLPC to make a
change.  But now things are so far along, that OLPC may find it a lot
harder to change and will need to either prove their case in court or
come to a settlement.  That's the typical strategy, wait until it's the
most painful time possible to launch your attack.

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