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Re: Editorial on competition and choice

El mar, 11-09-2007 a las 01:15 +0600, Imtiaz Rahi escribió:
> Its not about jealousy in between distros.
> It's about what making Ubuntu different that it reach lot more people
> than Fedora. Obviously, they have done something good in their distro
> and with their marketing that they are getting such acceptance. 


> I don't want to see Fedora being a niche distro, I want to see people
> using it on their desktop.
> Browsing, emailing, watching movie, listening to songs, playing games
> etc.

But I'm afraid that, inside the developers group and old gurus, the
current against that is the majority one, if you had some doubts, please
have a look at the interesting thread that comes from several days in
the main fedora list (users).. This issue isn't treated directly,  but
is in the background, if you read some comments carefully. 

> Your current success does not stay much long. We always need to do
> something better to even keep that success level. 


> And from marketing point of view its a disaster that you are getting
> new client and losing market share.
> We must be inventive and find new ways to make Fedora reach lot more
> people.

110% agree

> With new people, you get stronger, fresh minds interested in you
> invest their time and money in you. 
> I hope always remember this and its always what people thinks about
> matters, how they perceive you.
> Cheers,
> Imtiaz Rahi


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