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Re: Editorial on competition and choice

Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay wrote:
Nicu Buculei wrote:

There is one thing about Fedora and its lack of fanboyism: do you
realize the fanboy of today is the potential developer or decision maker
of tomorrow?
This is why I think a distro should not reject but embrace fanboys.

Pertinent point - so what would you be doing to embrace the developers
of tomorrow ?

And here I think lies the mistake: don't focus on future developers, focus on enthusiastic users (don't dismiss them as 'fanboys'), the large majority will remain users and this is fine, they may deploy Fedora or RHEL in their workplace if they are familiar with it and this is all, other will become (directly or indirectly) contributors: developers, documentation writers, artists etc.

A contribution to Fedora can be as small as an addition to a Wikipedia article, a screencast on YouTube, a small how-to posted in an obscure forum or a link on Digg front page - those are the things "fanboys" do and they are useful for the project.

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