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Re: Editorial on competition and choice

Le Mar 11 septembre 2007 11:31, Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay a écrit :

> We have had Max (among others) saying that Fedora's contribution is
> projected to be more of a torchbearer and not the users per country
> kind. In short, we might need to look at the definition of popularity
> when it comes to Fedora.

Fedora is a very technically oriented distribution. It makes hard
choices which are difficult to convey to users without technical
understanding. That means the job of a Fedora ambassador is *harder*
than in other distributions.

That being said it's no reason to redefine popularity. We've chosen a
harder road but will fail as much as any other distribution if we
can't grow our userbase, and attract talents in countries which are
ignoring Fedora today.

IMHO Fedora ambassadors need to coordinate more closely with the
distribution technical teams, which communicate in English. That means
deputising people to hang on the tech lists, and then figure how to
present what the tech people are working on.

Nicolas Mailhot

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