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Re: AMD Releases Open Source Driver For New ATI Graphics Processors

M Daniel R Magarzo wrote:

This complements the above, this is a fact:


This is another, a short history:

I emailed to ATI-AMD Support asking (claiming I'd say..) for a Linux
driver (I do not care about "proprietary" issues here..) for the new
generation of ATI graphics cards, this was just a few weeks ago. Just
some minutes later someone replied saying that I would better go to ask
for help to my Linux community. Typical, formal easy reaction as answer.
However, we could see that the equivalent Windows driver there was
available in its website since the beginning, that is.. the same sad
history about Linux drivers known until now..

This is what I call organizational reflex. As a organization grows larger change within it tends to take time to propagate from one end to another and quite often have visible conflicts from both inside and outside making it look dysfunctional and even schizophrenic. This is especially true when companies change their strategies sharply either because of changes in business ( Red Hat opening up Red Hat Linux into Fedora), acquisitions (Novell buying into Ximian and SUSE), technology changes (AMD's need to integrate CPU and GPU while not losing Linux support) or change in management (SUN leadership changes leading to a wealth of Free and open source software).

In all these changes, there has been a period of challenges. Another potential example,


Give folks sometime. They might come around .. or they will lose.


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