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Re: Xen Fedora 7 How to

Marc Wiriadisastra wrote:

While the how to is related to marketing in a sense. What I found most surprising was that it was on the front page of Digg. I haven't seen a lot of Fedora info on the front page of Digg (linux/unix) so I thought I would post this to the list to just point this out. Seems like Fedora is being significant inroads in the contribution of the tools for Xen. Good work to the devs.

Fedora wiki has a more official howto on virtualization at


We are absolutely leading the front of virtualization. Pretty much all the other distributions have adopted Fedora's libvirt, virt-manager, virt-factory and family of tools.

Fedora 8 will enhance this even further


This and security enhancements are something in which Fedora blows away many mainstream distributions.


I expect we will progress rapidly on the providing a good base for custom spins and derivatives too.

I have linked many references to



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