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Re: Fedora-fr association was born !

Le Sat, 29 Sep 2007 22:48:19 -0700,
"Thomas Chung" <tchung fedoraproject org> a écrit :

> On 9/29/07, Thomas Canniot <mrtom fedoraproject org> wrote:
> > Finally, I will say that the creation of this association was done
> > because the Fedora Project itself failed to respond to our requests
> > of promoting Fedora in France. I'm sorry, but we should not write
> > in the Amb. pages that CD/DVD will be sent for events, we never
> > received anything even if the requests were made on time and even
> > if people were pinged at different level of the Fedora hierarchy.
> > We can't waste time created a global EMEA to promote Fedora, we are
> > doing it right now, and it works. EMEA is our next objective, as
> > the French association is now created. And I would suggest every
> > Fedora Ambassadors from common countries to organise themselves in
> > local / national entities to make the future life of EMEA easier.
> > However, it will be as slow and unresponsive than the Fedora Amb.
> > project.
> It seems Fedora Project in USA have failed Fedora Ambassadors in
> French. Please note we made every efforts to deliver the materials you
> requested but at the end either the package was lost or never made it
> on time.

I know Thomas, don't worry, I have nothing against you. :)
The fact is that when we started to create the association, the message
from RedHat was : create stuff locally and you will get reimbursed. But
nobody here wanted (and it was more than legitimate) to pay for $500
for DVDs without the assurance to be reimbursed totally. The
organisation is there to simplify all this stuff, and now it is there
it will simplify things a lot for us.

> There were several discussions to improve the situation and I believe
> one of them was to create localized distribution center in Europe
> supported by local Red Hat office.
> So, Best of Luck for French Association.

Thanks a lot Thomas :)

> Regards,


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