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news.fp.o and workflows

On the idea of testing workflows for the news.fp.o site, and whether
this needs to involve the test instance, Karsten says:

> It could be that we don't have a new workflow to test.  For example, FWN
> is done entirely on the wiki, so a blog engine is just a delivery
> mechanism -- paste content, add appropriate category, publish.

Thomas, others, what do you think about this?

> But aren't there other ideas?  The stories, for example.  But again,
> there I don't see too much workflow put on the blog engine.  We do want
> a fair amount of work *before* anything hits the blog engine, so that
> people aren't just publishing random garbage.
> There are some things we want to consider, such as a designated pool of
> categories so we aren't doing "selinux" and "se linux", etc.  Those are
> discussions independent of the test instance, though.
> Maybe we can do something like:
> * Define a list of what we want to do with the blog engine to start
> (FWN, stories, press releases, etc.

My list:

 * FWN
 * Press Releases/Announcements
 * Stories (I think this equals Fedora Fundamentals or whatever has been
decided for the name!)
 * Interviews
> * Lightly write-up the workflow for each of those, see where the blog
> fits in
> * That may give us some stuff to test
> * Those results we use for discussion, sparking more ideas, etc.

So, do people have thoughts about these bullets? Things you'd like to do
with news.fp.o? Reply and lets see if there are things that need testing
or whether the workflow is pretty self-explanatory!


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