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Re: Proposing fedora to govt dept

Thanks for the kind response
I have understand the need of the dept. What my objective is that i will be recommending it as the client , I have planned few things from the valuable inputs which i have gotten from all:
1 if we talk about short life span of fedora I will suggest them to upgrade the machine at regular intervals using yum it will not only solve the problem regarding the life span but would be as comparable to windows update.
2.I am also keeping in mind while recommending i will be getting support from my friends who will take care for the training session of fedora they will take 1 month training for them so that they are easily comfortable to use fedora.
3. Regarding server room i would recommend RHEL.

 Kindly guide me further so that I can make good strategy for marketing from all the valuable inputs which I would be getting .

Vidur Mittal

2008/8/7 Nayyar Ahmad <nayyares gmail com>:

2008/8/7 Vidur Mittal <vidurmittal gmail com>

I am trying to give presentation of FEDORA to few of the govt. deptt.. I am trying to make a presentation over fedora i want all the team to come forward and help in this regards.The points which i am thinking to include in presentation are as follows:

I once did this for our Ministry of Finance's clients machines, although i was successful, we replace more than 3000 windows clients country wide with fedora, the biggest problem i had to face to convince management was Fedora's unstable image "as per word of mouth" as compare to RHEL or other enterprise linux/unix. second they were having fear against the short life cycle.

you have to first keep in mind the use of machines, whether you are proposing them for server machines or clients, what level of critical jobs they are doing on those machines?...it would be better if you suggest them use enterprise linux RHEL etc... "for server room".

moreover, if they are running some licensed software/application such as database or business suite, do that support fedora on client/server machines ?
PS: i do not want to discourage you, but you have to be honest before recommending something.

1. Objective
2. Benefits
3.Comparison between Windows and Linux
4.Comparison between different flavour of Unix
5.Why use fedora
6.A short introduction of redhat and fedora project
7.Help and support of fedora.

Now i want every one to come and help me in this regards so that i can complete the presentation. Please also guide me that i have included all the point for the presentation.
Thanks in advance


Nayyar Ahmad
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