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Re: Fedora - Ireland (maybe ot-ish)

Hi all, this is a great idea... I was thinking in something similar but cover all the spanish user groups, focus in one hispanic portal like other open source communities as http://es.opensolaris.org (OpenSolaris Hispano) but in this way => http://es.fedoraproject.org (Fedora Hispano).

Thus, with his own mail-list and irc-channel.

What do you thinking about?



2008/8/30 Frank Murphy <frankly3d gmail com>
Hi gang,

1: Am wondering what the reaction would be to setting up a
Fedora-Ireland u\g. Seem to be lagging behind U again

1b: Should, I try get web-space myself (who know nothing of webbing)
or try get something within fedora webspace.

2: Looking at "Camara" http://www.camara.ie/
What would be the opinion, of Fedora Ambassador(s)\ug, (namely me at the
moment).  Getting involved with the Camara project, (Ubuntu Based)
but been involved as Fedora Reps.
The general idea, being to try setup a local office in the "South-East"
Ireland.  As they currently have Belfast and Dublin.

I have signed up for sfd, to get the fell of what going on and make new


PS: please update any gpg keys to keyid: 46F74662

gpg id EB547226 Revoked Forgot Password :(
Skype: Frankly3D

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