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Re: The Face of Fedora Video Campaign

Jack Aboutboul wrote:
Hello All,

A number of times already we have discussed the development of a video series highlighting the members of our community. The idea was suggested multiple times by multiple different people, each one with their own twist. Now that the release is done, and FUDCon is coming up, I think we should discuss this in earnest. It could work out really well if we solidified plans in the next couple of weeks because then we can take advantage the 120 plus attendees at FUDCon for taping. I already understand that these types of activities will be taking place regardless, so might as well jump on the bandwagon.

I think we need to focus on 3 areas:

1. Concept: We have had 3-4 different suggestions on how this should be framed and maybe its time to solidify the idea. What do we end up naming it? Do we want to professionally produce it, or have user submitted videos? Will we follow a general guideline for such videos or will it be freeform? This will help people who end up shooting/editing/aggregating video have a clear definition of what needs to be filmed and how it needs to be edited.

2. Content: What do we want to have the people in the video, doing or saying. What is the message?

3. Presentation: What is the Visual Motif?

For now, I have added it to the task list and have set up a wiki page here https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing/Face_of_Fedora and seeded it with some content. Please feel free to add to it.

Hopefully we can discuss this at the meeting tomorrow as well.

What do you guys think?


P.S. Colby, I would really like your thoughts on this too, from a video professionals standpoint.

I really feel like... the less "professional" it looks, possibly the better. That's not to say that it can't be polished, but I feel like a handheld camera and simple jump cuts back and forth between the people is the way to go. It fits in much more with the brand that Fedora has of a community. I usually find that when you try to do pieces about lots of people and you get too fancy with the camera work/ editing, it comes across as strained.

We just want real people, in real settings, being themselves and have that as a document for others- like Máirín said, the fun factor of "oh that what that person looks like!" is extremely powerful.

I'd be happy to give tips to those who may be shooting the videos around the world if anyone has questions about cameras/ lighting/ framing, etc.

Unfortunately, as Nico has pointed out, there is some trouble with the tools, which is why simple is better. PiTiVi may be able to do it - I haven't played with it since early F9. Kino should be able to handle this, you just need to make sure you have a .dv file type (dv stream) which is what you get via firewire and its import feature (which uses dvgrab, if i'm not mistaken). I believe it works with ogg equally well.

If it comes down to the point where the tools aren't working for whoever ends up editing this, I'm more than willing to take a shot at it and make it a project for work. (Though, from and by the community feels more powerful and, while I am part of this community, all of you do so much more than me) Either way, I'm always here for the Fedora folk.

Colby Alexander Hoke

Brand Communications + Design
[ Producer ]


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