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Re: Picture Book

Doug Berry wrote:
It must be the Holidays, I have contacted a dozen or so publishers, but I am totally not hearing from anyone. Usually these people treat anyone interested like a ham in the Amazon; with them as the piranha.

Yeah, everything is very slow this time of the year.

Ian Weller wrote:

That was me...

we can pretty much do anything with the design,
I would like to NOT have to pages with the same layout: one on top, another on bottom, another on side, another on the other side, maybe another over the photo... each with its own height or width.

Exactly, we can basically do anything. We can bring web graphics to book-form. We don't have to use a lot of color; or we can do all color. Color text, pictures, widgets, borders and shaded areas, superimposed text or thought bubbles on top of the pictures. And we don't have make it a bound book. We could do a magazine, or bound magazine sized book. Or think corporate report type book; some of these are artworks, and of course, executive types are not going to want to look at Xerox copies. The point is anything you can do on a rectangular computer screen, you can do on a rectangular book page. Or square, sans the LOVE Book.

A couple of other considerations: Release forms: I (not a lawyer) do not think we will need them. Under the Book version of the Copy Right Laws, there is the Fair Use Exception. One aspect of it is: if you go to a public event, where it can be reasonably assumed there will be photographers taking photographs, and you get your picture taken, you do not have a case. And there is always the quick aural release form, as long as you have a witness.

I think we can abuse Paul here for asking the question to Red Hat legal.

Captions under photos: When we use a photo we should note the photographer's name and try to identify the people in the photo if possible. Captions can be small text and could be something like: A photo by Mairin Duffy, shows Ian Weller, at a recent FUDCON, explaining the Anaconda Installer to a crowd of enthralled passersby. The more names we get into the book the more personal it will become for the reader.

And have both stories and captions?

Ian mentioned, and something we will have to work out is a way or place for people to submit their photos and stories. We can set up an on line drop (can we use fpaste for that?)

Can't we use the wiki for this?

and then send an announcement to all the Red Hat lists, Open Submission for two weeks or 300 photos, which ever come first. Someone with expertise will have to handle the logistics on that. Then those of us listed on the Picture Book wiki ( or any others ), can each choose our favorites, then meet sometime on #fedora-meeting to hash it out.

Since we may get swamped with a lot of photos, I would be tempted to not sent it to *all* the lists. However, I would like some more time for submission, so you have a chance to prepare your photo session. Even more if it will include some props (stickers, buttons).

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