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Re: Marketing Idea

The FreeMedia program already exists - but it's completely volunteer
based.  Last month, the first month that I participated in the
program, we got around 700 requests in a 2-day period where we were
accepting requests for the month.

The problem that we have is a lack of resources to ship out these
DVD's for free.  I restrict myself to the US, and even that costs me
$1.31 per DVD to ship via first class mail, in addition to the cost of
the media itself, and the padded mailers that I use ($1+ apiece).

Such a program is not cheap, and I'm not sure how Ubuntu sustains it
(unless it;s similar to ours, where we will send out the first 200
requests in a month or so).

On Feb 2, 2008 6:59 PM, Zhukov Pavel <gelios gmail com> wrote:
> One of the major reasons of ubuntu success it's free cd-shipping
> (especially in Russia, where many people have no fast/unlimited
> Internet access). So I'm start to thinking about something like
> "Fedora Exchange" project. It can be system that can help people to
> find nearest fedora-user who can copy
> install-media/packages/local-repositories.
> It also can help people to find nearest linux/feodra gurus for help :)
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Jon Stanley
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