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Re: Marketing Idea

lør, 02 02 2008 kl. 19:12 -0500, skrev Jon Stanley:

> Such a program is not cheap, and I'm not sure how Ubuntu sustains it
> (unless it;s similar to ours, where we will send out the first 200
> requests in a month or so).

Since Canonical invests only a pitiful amount of money on upstream
development the largest expense is their ship-it free media program.
They currently sustain it by sheer virtue of Mr. Shuttleworth having
very deep pockets, nothing else. Eventually they might make enough money
on support and customized Ubuntu work to pay for the program but
currently it's written up as pure expense - it's a valuable marketing
push though.

I personally send out DVDs to a number of schools in India and Iran, not
as part of the free media network though. I can't financially handle the
burden of shipping more than say 50 DVDs out twice a year so I don't
participate in the official program instead I send to people I already
have build a relationship with. That way I know I'm not getting
exploited by people who have bandwidth and burning facilities capable of
doing it themselves. I'm after all doing this to provide a much needed
upgrade to people who are limited in their options.

- David

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