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Fedora 9 Alpha Release Marketing Plan WAS Re: Fedora 9 Marketing plan?

> I was wondering not only about what we're going to say but how we're going
> to say it.  How are we going to get people to know about the features in
> our alpha?

I agree we need to figure this out. The alpha is due out on Tuesday
isn't it? Perhaps we could put together a brief release summary for
the alpha - I know it's hardly anything revolutionary but it is
perhaps fairly effective (provided we can be vocal enough about it!)
in the intermediate before people get back to us about more effective
and longer term plans for Fedora Marketing.

I'm guessing it should have a rundown of the features (obviously),
perhaps with screenshots, all linking out to the relevant feature
pages. Wouldn't hurt either to have instructions on how to grab one of
the alpha live cd for testing; neither would it hurt if we could list
the most annoying bugs in the alpha to make it clear we're aware of
them and that they're being worked on. The other thing I think it
should probably have is reference material back to Fedora 8: maybe
it's name dropping but to simply mention "building on the successful
implementation of PulseAudio in Fedora 8..." might be useful.

Then we'd have a central location to point people towards, and by
point I mean we're going to need to be vocal about this! Targeting
journalists, perhaps Red Hat could help us out with a press release
pointing at this document? And then we *all* need to submit to lots of
the free software press...

What do people think? Worthwhile or a waste of time? Any other ideas?
If this is a worthwhile direction to go in I'm pretty much caught up
on work for the rest of today and tomorrow so I can probably throw
something together in time for the release - and then we should start
thinking about the beta!


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